martes, 23 de octubre de 2012


This activity consist in to upload an image where appear the places where you surf (sources of information, translators, online shopping, programs of edition, communication with others persons...). As I edited my PLE, I uploaded a new picture from my PLE. We also learned that it is a PLE. What is it a PLE?      
 PLE at school

sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

What to read??

I'm going to read "The Invisible Man" by H.G.Wells. The Invisible Man is a exciting story about a scientist who discovers how to become invisible. His secret can give him power, but something goes wrong...

The invisible man was a scientific who did experiments of invisibility.

The invisible man arrived to a town. He went to a little hotel and he reserved a room. He wore a heavy coat, warm gloves and a big hat. He wanted his things and he ordered to bring it. It was boxes of bottles, three big books…
A next day, the invisible man went to steal a lot of money of Mr Bunting’s house.

The hotel’s service discovered that this man was invisible and he was coupable of the theft. Then, the police persecuted him.
The invisible man went to a field where there was a man sat. He obliged him to help him, but Mr Marvel disappoint him. The invisible man was very angry.

Then, he hurt by police’s shot, he went to old friend’s house where finally he died.
I have chose this book because it was recommended by my brother.  I found this book easy to read and entertaining and I  would recommend it for children of my age. 
It is a magical book because the book's protagonist is an invisible man  and it is also sad because the main character dies.

"The offsprings"

It is a cold winter day in the forest and some foxes go out to find food. Suddenly, a cowboy shoots and the foxes escape; the bullet reaches a deer and he runs.
The cowboy rides his horse and he pursues the bloody footprints. When he finds her, the deer is surrounded of her two offsprings and he decides not to kill her.
He does a bonfire for give them warm and he feeds them.
The next day, he pulls out her the bullet and he cures her. The cowboy liberates them.
Suddenly, he heard a shoot and he finds them dead.
He’s angry and he want to kill the Indian, but his wife and his children appear and he decides leave them alone.

Interview with Laura Jane Sims

The last 28th of September we had an interview with Jade’s mum and she told us many things about her life.

Laura Jane Sims was born the 19thof January in an old city called Exeter (England) where there are beautiful buildings and an important cathedral. She came to Spain twelve years ago. First, she lived Mallorca for two years and after, she came to Motril.

In England she worked in a big school, but the teachers had a hard work for this reason she decided go to work a Britain school of Mallorca. In Motril she work as a builder.

She can speak English, Spanish and French.

She left school when she was sixteen and at the age of thirty-three she went to the university.

She has a daughter called Jade and she is in this high school.

She tells us that she likes Spain because it has a good weather and food. Her food favorite is the Paella. Also she likes sail by ship, read and watch films.

Finally, she has six dogs. They were abandoned in the street and she received them.


viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Decorating the classroom

This activity is about  how decorate our classroom. We have to choose the images that we like the most and later we have to upload them to pinterest and we can to comment them. I choose these posters:

miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Knowing me, knowing you...

My name’s Marta, I was born on the 28th of January 1997. I’m nearly 16. I have a brother called Alejandro, He’s 18 and he studied in this high school. My parents are Alejandro and Araceli. They are from Lucena (Córdoba). My favourite food are spaghetti and pizzas, and I don’t like potatoes omelette. I like listen music because I feel good and switch off. I like rap and my favourite Mcs is Gordo Master, and my favourite song is “My favourite girl” written and sing by him. My best friends are Elena and Inés, and I love them so much. I do athletics five days a week. I hate social sciences and my favourite subjects are P.E and physics and chemistry. In future, I will like to be military because I want to drive planes.